The organization

Ten years after the first World March our Organization returns to continue reaching more people

The first world March for Peace and Nonviolence held nearly a thousand events in more than 400 cities that toured from 97 countries of the 5 continents. More than 2000 organizations participated. They traveled about two hundred thousand miles and participated hundreds of thousands of people.

With the accumulated experience and with sufficient indicators to have participation, supports and even greater collaborations… This second world March for Peace and nonviolence is planned to take place 2019-2020.

If you want to know more about the 1st March we have some resources to offer you:

  • You can download for free the World March bookthat includes some of the highlights of that great action.
  • You can know in detail what happened in the old web of the 1st World March
  • The Promoters teams (EP) that will arise by actions and projects that go up from the social base, with the spirit that "each one takes care of what he proposes".
  • In countries with EP in several cities, a promoter team of the country will be articulated. In these EP, so many organizations and people can participate.
  • These EP will be given as form and style of work the horizontality, the collaborative attitude and the consensus to go coordinating initiatives.
  • They are equally shaped by people, collectives and even institutions.
  • They are areas of participation broader and diverse than EP, where you can go giving a lot of initiatives, for example by sectors (educators, youth, women) or places (neighborhood, City, university), etc.
  • The PA will necessarily have a representative or liaison with the city EP.
  • In order to coordinate the diversity of initiatives, timetables and routes, an international coordination area is needed between countries and regions.

The 2nd mm will begin in Madrid on October 2, 2019, International Day of Nonviolence, ten years after 1 ª mm. It will leave in the direction of Africa, North America, Central and south, to jump to Oceania, to travel Asia and finally Europe, arriving in Madrid on March 8, 2020, International Women’s Day. After circling the planet with a duration of 159 days. It is estimated that the 2nd mm will go through more than 100 countries and that hundreds of thousands of activists are going to participate in this global action.