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After ten years from the 1st World March, our organization comes back to continue to reach more people.


The 1st World March for Peace and Nonviolence held nearly a thousand events in more than 400 cities, marching through 97 countries over the 5 continents. More than 2000 organizations participated. It marched nearly two hundred thounsand kilometres and hundreds of thousands of people participated.

With the accumulated experiences with enough indicators of participation, support and even wider collaborations…this 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence 2019-2020 is planned to be carried out.

If you would like to know more about the 1st March we have some sources to offer you:

What for? Our Mission

Social Denouncement

To denounce the worldwide dangerous situation with growing conflicts, incresing military expenditure at the same time as in vast zones of the planet, the problem of many populations with lack of foods and water are seen to be postponed.

Creating Awareness

To keep creating awareness that it is only through "peace" and "nonviolence", human species will open their future.

Greater Visibility

To make visible the different and rich variation of positive actions being carried out by people, groups and populations in numerous places, towards applying the human rights, the no-discrimination, the collaboration, the peaceful coexistence and the no aggression.

New Generations

To give voice to the new generations who wish to take over and leave their marks, installing the culture of nonviolence in the collective imagery, in the education, the politics, in the society...In the same way as the ecological awareness had been installed in short years.


Promoters Teams

Support Platforms (SP)

International Coordination

When and where?

The 2nd World March will commence in Madrid on the 2nd of October, 2019, on The International Day of Nonviolence, ten years after the 1st WM. It will leave for Africa, North, Central and South America, to give a jump over to Oceania, will march through Asia and finally to Europe again to arrive at Madrid on the 8th of March,2020, on International Women´s Day. After circulating around the planet during 159 days. It is estimated that the 2nd World March will pass through more than 100 countries and hundreds of thousnads of activists will participate in this worldwide action.